Industrial Rescue Technician

Industrial Rescue Technician


8 Day Comprehensive Course.

Custom Dates and Locations

Our Industrial Rescue Technician (IRT) course is designed around the unique conditions found within large industries. This site-specific curriculum addresses hazards such as confined spaces, vessels, and elevated platforms and highlights methods for efficient vertical and diagonal evacuation.


Course Overview

5 Days of fundamental rope rescue training (ASTM Level 2 rope standard) followed by 3 days of discipline specific modules and scenario's that achieves the ASTM level 3 standard for technical rope rescue. 

Core Concepts:

  • Incident management

  • Artificial High Directional anchors (AHD)

  • Mirrored lowering/raising systems

  • Patient packaging

  • Confined space rescue

  • Suspended worker rescue

Recognized Standards

  • United States- NFPA 1670: Standard for operations and training for technical rescue incidents. 

  • International- ASTM F2955-12: Training for level III rope rescue (R3).


  • Custom dates available.


  • $1400


  • Custom locatiions

Included in the course:

  • Instruction manual
  • Fieldbook
  • Equipment lists
  • Certificate upon successful completion