Rope Access for Rescue

Rope Access for Rescue


3-Day Comprehensive Course

This advanced level course is designed as an opportunity to showcase efficient technical rescue alternatives that still observe mandatory safety factors but greatly expedite response times, reduce equipment needs, and enhance team capability. Previous experience and a good base of fitness are required for this course.


Course Overview

Core Curriculum:

  • Back-up devices

  • Releasable systems

  • Pull through anchors

  • Suspended worker pick-off

  • Efficient lowering/hauling operations

Recognized Standards:

  • SPRAT - Safe work practices for rope access work

  • ANSI Z359 - Fall protection code


  • Custom dates available


  • $525


  • Custom locatiions

Included in the course:

  • Instruction manual
  • Fieldbook
  • Detailed Equipment lists
  • Certificate upon successful completion