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Vertical Rescue Training



Where will you RESCUE?


Innovative Tactical, Mountain, and Industrial Rescue programs.

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Safety. Efficiency. Versatility.

We offer a variety of rope-craft aimed at enhancing your technical rescue capability while operating in stride with industry standards. With expertise we can customize any curriculum to run parallel with your site-specific needs.

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What You’ll Learn

Rope Access Techniques


Rope access techniques are the safest and most efficient ways of working with ropes at height and have integrated self-rescue capability. We incorporate rope access fundamentals on every one of our technical rescue courses.

Arbor Techniques

Tree access techniques are an essential skill for urban and tactical response teams. We teach modern arbor methods on each course that involves rigging with trees and canopy access.

Terrain Adapted Systems

Our mountain rescue courses include techniques for self and team rescue on rock, snow, and ice.

International Certification

Certification for technical rope rescue and confined space rescue endorsed by the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA).